Blue Hearts is a non-profit NGO established in 2019, and since 21st September 2019, Blue Hearts has been providing online mental health support via the web platform (www.bluehearts.mv). Here at Blue Hearts, in addition to the online mental health support services we provide, our main goal is to work towards raising awareness about mental health; with the purpose of normalizing open discussions about mental health issues and to promote help seeking behaviors among the public.

With these objectives in mind, our mobile app has been launched as a platform to bring together several resources to support your mental health as well as a way to educate yourself on different topics related to mental health and steps you can take to achieve a more positive direction in your mental health journey. In addition to the free chat feature, this application has interactive features that will help to educate, raise awareness and promote self-care. We have also launched our video counselling service, which will be available through this application, where you can make an appointment and get additional support if you feel you need it. We hope that this application will be an all in one safe space, and that it helps take a step forward to normalize seeking help and addressing mental health issues.

Our new website and mobile application was developed with financial support from UNICEF Maldives and UNCRRF.